based on a true story

No money,  no future, just faith and a dream...
How far would you go for your dream?

Carolin von Petzholdt, Olaf Kraetke, Natascha Berg

written & directed by...
Carolin von Petzholdt

produced by...
Carolin von Petzholdt, Mila Beck

Trailer 'Testing Life'


 ***Award 8 for 'Testing Life': Award of Excellence at the Canada International Film Festival***
 ***Award 6 and 7 for 'Testing Life': Best Narrative Feature & Best Director at the AIFF 2010***
 ***The 5th award for 'Testing Life': Winner at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 'Best Narrative Feature'***                        
 ***Award of Merit for 'Testing Life' at The Indie Fest***
 ***3 Awards for 'Testing Life' in the LA Movie Awards International Feature 'Award of Excellence', Best Production Design, Best Screenplay***